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ViewImage Image Viewer

A powerful, fast, and reliable image viewer for Windows

ViewImage will always be free, open source, and compatible with Windows 7. If you need a copy for windows XP, please request it at GitHub

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Version 2.4

  • Fixed a bug where the application was taking up all of your CPU usage when idle for no reason
  • Added a copy feature on toolbar to copy the image to the clipboard
  • Viewport now moves alongside mouse when selecting view preset
  • Added keyboard navigation support using Control + ALT
  • Added erase tool! Use the control key or right click to enable
  • Major changes to mouse behavior
  • Added an eyedropper tool using Shift+Z to select a color from the image
  • + and - keys now change zoom
  • Added a frame around the image for improved visibility of transparent background images
  • Mouse wheel now changes sliders when hovering over
  • Added asterisk (*) to title bar when changes are not saved
  • Improved the way fonts are accessed, improving compatibility
  • Fixed issue with menu where it would not fully render the first time when mouse was placed close to the edge of the window
  • Improved performance by disabling anti-aliasing when panning the image
  • Fixed drawing alpha issue by converting images to premultiplied alpha when entering the problem
  • Improved quality and smoothness of the draw tool sampling
  • Added dynamic draw tool resolution adjustment based on system speed
  • Added soft and hard brush modes
  • Fixed print sizing
  • Added gamma correction to drawing based functionality to improve readability
  • Version 2.3

  • Added Undo/Redo
  • Added drawing customization such as color and size
  • Polished user interface
  • Optimized blur functionality
  • Added ability to resize images
  • Fullsreen button
  • Very advanced bug fixes
  • Other noticable improvements